About Us

CIC-Foundation-LogoCIC Foundation focuses on CSR and corporate philanthropy through deliberate creation of positive impact on the society. We do this through promotion of activities beyond our core business while serving the interest of our

shareholders. As a corporate, we recognize the distinctive contribution we have to make to the advancement of the society.

CIC’s growth and development is anchored on sound economic and social conditions. Thus CIC Insurance Group’s commitment to progressive social change.

Our larger vision for doing good focuses on the need for social impact, environmental responsibility and unity of the Kenyan people. As a Co-operative based organization, we have a moral responsibility to alleviate certain social concerns by form of investment in partnership with the community and other stakeholders.

We focus on the triple bottom-line; the economic value, the environmental value and the social value we add. We want to creatively and efficiently utilize capital, land and labor, generate employment opportunities, expand economic capabilities of our society and improve the quality of our national life. This again is driven by need to leverage our resources and privileges for social change in Kenya.