CIC Ecology Project

_MG_8543CIC Insurance Group believes there is no better way to create a lasting positive impact on the society than through targeted social responsibility programs. This is why as we address the needs of our members, we are cognizance of the fact that we have a duty to improve the general wellbeing of the community.

In line with one of the CIC’s strategic objective, which is to promote the welfare of women and youth, the Group through the CIC Foundation picked a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, dubbed “I’m a Cooperator” that targets the youth.

So far over Ksh. 65 million has been invested in the “I’m a Co-operator campaign” to attract the youth to the Co-operative Movement and impart much needed leadership skills while promoting environmental conservation and cultural integration.

Through the project that is in its second phase CIC Insurance Group believes it will make a distinctive contribution to the advancement of the society by going beyond the core business of serving the interest of shareholders.

This unique CSR project aims at bridging the generation gap in the Kenya’s co-operative movement.

The project which started in 2011 covers three core areas; Leadership, Ecology and Social Integration in the context of Co-operatives. The first phase covered the leadership theme while the second phase launched in partnership with KCA University and the African Biodiversity Conservation and Innovation Centre (ABCIC) in July last year is focusing on the Ecology theme._MG_8972

Initiatives being implemented under the second phase are designed to popularize and address the youth unemployment problem while exploring the application of the co-operative model in this process with a view to re-vitalize the co-operative movement and promoting environmental conservation especially among the youth.

The expected outcomes include, the generation of information through research, improvement of livelihoods, enhanced environmental conservation, development of bio based opportunities, capacity building and the formation of new youth co-operatives and strengthening of existing ones.

Through the “I am a Co-operator,” campaign, CIC Insurance Group has directly impacted on about 3,000 young people and a million more, indirectly.